Hip Fix

Products For Optimal Lateral Positioning - With Infection Control Focus

Hip Fix uses a unique 3 point fixation (crista iliaca and sacrum) to make the strong stability of the patient positioning match the surgeons need for space and manoeuverability in the surgical field.

We offer a choice between products with fixed support pads - well suited for hip revision procedures (1900-01 and 2000-182 products) - or products with single use patient sets (1915- and 2015- products) for increased hygiene and patient safety.

Total hip replacement is a demanding and exacting surgical technique.

Advances in technologies, new materials, and biomechanics have made it increasingly important for the orthopaedic surgeon to be able to accurately orientate the implant components in a reproducible way.

  • Hip Fix facilitates accurate and reproducible positioning of implant components

  • Accurate and reproducible patient and component orientation

  • Stability of patient position throughout procedure

  • Abdomen free from external pressure during procedure.

Hip Fix has more than 25 years of clinical history.