Hip Fix 1900
Hip Fix 1900
Hip Fix 1900

Hip Fix 1900

Item number: 1900-01
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Lateral Positioning System

Key features are:

  • Individual vertical and horizontal adjustable front pads.
  • Patient angle to the table variable.
  • Supports bariatric patients.
  • Fixed foam pads, screw mounted.
Technical data

Total hip replacement is a demanding and exacting surgical technique.

Advances in technologies, new materials, and biomechanics have made it increasingly important for the orthopaedic surgeon to be able to accurately orientate the implant components in a reproducible way.

Hip Fix has more than 20 years of clinical history.

Main benefits by using of the product:

  • Hip Fix facilitates accurate and reproducible positioning of implant components
  • Accurate and reproducible patient and component orientation
  • Stability of patient position throughout procedure
  • Abdomen free from external pressure during procedure.

Hip Fix uses a unique 3 point fixation (crista iliaca and sacrum) to make the strong stability of the patient positioning match the surgeons need for space and manoeuverability in the surgical field.

This specific product is equipped with individual adjustable support arms, allowing the position of the patient to be varied and angled in relation to the operating table surface.

Model 1900-01
MDR, class 1
UDI-DI 05714834001274
Fixed support pads yes
Single use support pads no
Especially suited for Hip revisions yes
Especially suited for bariatric patients yes
Vertical adjustment possible yes
Horizontal individual adjustment possible (angling of the patient possible) yes
Max. Patient weight
Equipment weight
Dimension transport box