Clamp, EU rail
Clamp, EU rail

Clamp, EU rail

Item number: 10-305-P
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Rail Clamp, EU

When using rail clamps check whether they are usable for a specific table rail and will adapt the octagonal rods (4 flat sides) of the support.
This clamp ensures this aspect through its "flat foot" design.
Country specific rail clamps are available upon request.
The manufacturer is not responsible for events related to the use of rail clamps other than the provided.

Technical data

Article# and side rail dimensions:
10-305-P (EU, 10 x 25mm, 1” x ¼”)
10-305-UK-P (UK, 6.35 x 31.75mm)
10-305-US-P (US, 3/8? x 11/8?)

MDR, class
Fixed support pads
Single use support pads
Especially suited for Hip revisions
Especially suited for bariatric patients
Vertical adjustment possible
Horizontal individual adjustment possible (angling of the patient possible)
Max. Patient weight
Equipment weight
Dimension transport box